Friday, January 17, 2014



Well, here I am at home again - I survived the brutal spinal surgery - and rehabilitation stay - yay!  But it is a long road to recovery. This entire journey has made me stronger in my quest to end domestic violence. The injuries to my spine were caused by my abuser, my exhusband, beginning in 1985 (the first time I remember him kicking me in the back after he threw me down on the ground). However, the domestic violence had started earlier in our relationship.
When I mention back surgery, I hear the complaints of others - "Oh, I have a bad back, too - I take a bath.".....well, that is not in the same realm as what I have suffered. After almost 30 years of physical therapy (my body was battered constantly by my exhusband)...I am now UNBROKEN - at least my spine is repaired. The 2 fractures that I have lived with (in agony) are repaired with metal plates, spacers and screws and bolts. I even had to have part of my spine removed.  I am now the bionic woman, hardware and all:

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Debbie Weber said...

So happy you made it through this Julie. I called to see how you were doing, but missed you. I'm sure we'll talk soon. Take care!