Friday, December 13, 2013

I Love You To the Moon....and Back

I haven't felt this way in the longest floating on air, happy, proud, beaming inside.

It doesn't take much.

Today, I heard from someone that my Jared is a fine young man.  Lots going on - but had to shout out to Jared - that it makes his mother so proud. And my son is marrying a wonderful young woman from Millburn, New Jersey - a woman who knows what mitzvot are, and lives them.  There really is such a thing as tears of joy.  I'm elated and tearing up at the same time. I wish they would include  me in their lives.....

This photo is from Jared's Bar Mitzvah celebration.  It is the image that I see right now, that I feel at this moment. I was "dancing on cloud nine" with my son - the old soul with the heart of gold.  I chose a gold dress so appropriately.

There is nothing better than being happy for your own child.  And I am so ecstatic over my son ! 
Jared, I am your Mom - and I will always love you to the moon ....and back.

With such joy in my heart, I am sending you and your fiancee wishes of much happiness.

PS.  Jason, I love you to the moon and back, too!

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Debbie Weber said...

So happy for you, Julie! I hope everything went your way on Friday. Take care!